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Since you asked about study methods I will tell you some systems that worked for me strictly with an exam point of view. Learning is an unlike thing and there are dissimilar ways to do that.
•Know what to learn: - When it comes to tests without a doubt studying everything won't work. So go through your program thoroughly and figure out what's more ‘important’ or which topics carry more marks.
•Look for outlines: - If you have a close look at the previous years' question papers, you will almost always find some model. Make out these patterns and study accordingly. When I say ‘outlines’ I'm not just talking about which topics carry how much marks, but also what type of questions are asked from those topics. For example, some topics are more related to numerical and others with theoretical questions.
•Time board: - It is believed that studying for 25 minutes and then taking a break for 5 minutes is a very capable technique to get maximum work done in minimum time. You might have heard this one before but nevertheless, I thought it was worth mentioning.
•For all time study not more than 90minutes at a time. You will think properly and grasp more.
•Take a break of 10minutes and not more than that. Taking a longer break will lead you to get distracted.
•Always study early in the morning. You'll cover up more content.
•Eat a small meal often. Eating a lot at a time will make you lazy and you'll feel sleepy.
•Always eat healthily.
•A good sleep will help you study correctly. 8–10 hours of sound sleep will do great.
•Show up the main points and go through it carefully. If you know the topic properly, you do not have to go inside the content.
•Practice more for the difficult chapters.
•Always complete tasks on your own. Refer unlike books on your own. You'll never forget that picky topic you've done on your own.
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