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Rskingdom  » 2020-02-06 09:27:39

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1 thing I forgot to say OSRS gold, which can be related to my point on the market. They're actually healthy for the market since they serve as a gold dump for runescape players.

Also from what I have seen in other MMOs, this is. There's countless people, and China is the #1 supplier of farmers. Sheer manpower up overwhelms any kind of system a game could have if there is trading between individuals. Where their sole change is 8 + hours of gold, people get jobs. Its not a golden farming bot. Its a"legitimate" account together with the sole purpose of playing 8+ hours a day and farming gold before it trades it and gets banned. This is an issue faced by almost any game with any kind of grindable and tradeable currency (so all of them).

WoW has got their WoW Tokens to solve the exact same problem. Its slightly more expensive, but its secure and guaranteed. GW2 enables a live conversion speed between Gold to Gem and uses Gems for update purchases and their cosmetics. Runescape uses Bonds. Is FFXIV. However, Gil in FFXIV is relatively useless unless you are attempting to get a big house or any minions, so that is really why they don't have a massive Gil farming problem, (but they do still have a *lot* of websites dedicated to that type of RWT).

All of your points are on stage and correct. It was the most profitable, easier, and cheaper way. But its also the best, and from an economic standpoint the healthiest for the in game economy. I will clarify this way. They did a *really* great job deciding to implement it. I believe it was *the* solution. They throw darts in the board and most of cheap OSRS gold overlook, but this is a bullseye. I don't think I will give them credit for thinking that it was the alternative that gave the maximum earnings to them, just *any revenue generally would have been alright for them.